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Washington State Institute for Public Policy

Who We Are

WSIPP’s mission is to carry out practical, non-partisan research at the direction of the legislature or board of directors. WSIPP works closely with legislators, legislative and executive staff, and external experts to ensure that studies answer relevant policy questions. WSIPP studies come from a variety of perspectives. They may examine “what works?” in various policy areas, estimate the relative benefits and costs of specific strategies, or assess how policies in Washington compare to those in other states.

What We Provide

Interns assist WSIPP researchers and staff on a variety of projects, including those assigned by the legislature. Interns provide research assistance and administrative support for multiple projects throughout their internship, working both independently and with other researchers. One of the primary tasks for an intern is to conduct literature reviews, which involves critically evaluating studies for methodological rigor and determining if they can be included in WSIPP analyses.


Undergraduate and graduate students as well as recent graduates are encouraged to apply. Persons applying for internships must have an interest in public policy. Interns must be detail-oriented, highly motivated, and have the ability to self-manage. WSIPP expects interns to be engaged and ask questions, report to researchers on the status of projects, and prioritize and balance work assignments from multiple researchers. Interns should be familiar with conducting literature reviews and analyzing and summarizing research articles. Interns are expected to work diplomatically, professionally, and in a non-partisan manner. Interns must possess the following minimum qualifications:

  • Computer: Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint
  • Analytical: Experience conducting literature reviews and analyzing and summarizing academic research articles
  • Communication: Strong writing and oral communication skills
  • Education: Two years of college credit and pursuing a relevant major (e.g., public policy, economics, political science, criminal justice, public health)
The following are desirable qualifications. Internship candidates ideally have taken coursework or have an interest in one or more of the following:
  • Research methods
  • Public policy
  • Statistics

How to Apply

For a full job description and instructions on how to apply, please click here: Research Internship

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WSIPP Internships:
Research Internship Summer 2018
Priority Deadline March 7, 2018
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WSIPP does not have any job openings at this time.
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