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Washington State Institute for Public Policy

Assessment of Passenger and Air Cargo Forecasts

The 2024 Washington State Legislature directed WSIPP to assess the passenger and air cargo forecasts cited in the Puget Sound Regional Council’s Regional Aviation Baseline Study. This assessment will include an evaluation of the underlying data, assumptions, methodologies, and calculation of the level of uncertainty around the forecast.

Additionally, WSIPP was tasked with conducting a literature review to identify effective national and international strategies to reduce demand for air travel. These strategies could include diverting air travel demand to alternative modes of transportation to avoid environmental impacts on overburdened communities and vulnerable populations.

Lastly, the report will review existing operational and technological enhancements designed to address the environmental impacts of commercial aviation activities. This includes examining climate-friendly aircraft technologies, innovations targeting the climate effects of non-CO2 emissions from aviation, simulation models for congested airports, and online tools for tracking, analyzing, and improving the carbon footprints of aviation activities. The review will assess the feasibility of implementing these enhancements within Washington.

A report is due to the legislature by December 31, 2025.
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